Pedestrian Gates

Pedestrian gates are one of our most requested jobs as most properties need some sort of gate. Property gates are a great way to secure animals or children inside your property and are a great security feature.

Our team of builders can build or manufacture any sort of gate from a simple design such as our rebated frame with timber inserts right up to a custom powdercoated louvre or slat gate. We can help you choose your gate style ensuring it is within your budget. 

We offer a wide range of security latches depending on your needs but we do recommend a latch with a lock for ease of mind. We can talk through the range of options regarding the latches and hardware when we meet on-site.

Styles of pedestrian gates that we offer












Frequently asked questions -
pedestrian gates

Q. Can you remove and dispose of my old gates?

A. Yes, we can remove and dispose of your old gate and any fencing attached and get the site ready for the new gate installation. This removal and disposal will be an additional cost to the new gate installation. 

Q. Can we choose which colour our new gates will be? 

A. Yes, all of our aluminium and steel fence options can be custom powdercoated to your choice of colour. We use the Dulux powdercoat range and can colour match your choice to this range. 

Q. I have no idea which style will look best with my property, can you help? 

A. Yes, we can do either a phone or on-site consultation to determine a design that would look best and also cover your budget requirements and any fencing covenants. 

Q. What is your most affordable style of gate? 

A. Our most affordable style of gate is either the Eco or Delta style which is a simple pool-fencing style gate. If you are after a timber look then our face fixed frame style with timber palings is our most affordable. Please note all of our styles are high quality we don't offer a 'cheap fix'. 

Q. What is the difference between the face fixed gate frame and the rebated gate frame? 

A. Both of these gate frames are custom made out of aluminium to your specifications. They are both then powdercoated to your choice of colour from the Dulux range. The Face fixed gate frame has the timber directly fixed onto the frame. You can only see the frame from the reverse side. The rebated frame has the timber inside the frame so you can also see the frame from the front side. 

Q. What is the difference between the Eco style gate and the Delta style gate? 

A. The Eco style pedestrian gate is thinner and has circular verticals. The Delta style pedestrian gate is thicker and sturdier and has square verticals. The Eco gate is therefore more affordable to purchase.   

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